Yachminka Ukrainian Dance Festival 2017

Yachminka Ukrainian Dance Festival 2017

On April 21-23, our dance troupe headed out to Russell Manitoba with 49 dancers, enthusiastic to compete 13 dances entered into the Yachminka Dance Festival. The dancers smiles were bright, the costumes were colourful and the energy on stage was electric. The weekend was a tremendous success!

The adjudicator recognized and acknowledged the dancers efforts…

Festival Results:

Kachke Volyn … 95% … trophy for Highest Mark Volyn Region

Kachke Instrument Dance … 95% … trophy for Highest Mark Poltava Region

Olen & Druzi Boys Spear Dance … 94%

Olen Girls Poltava … 92%

Olen Polissia … 93%

Druzi Girls Dubotanets … 90%

Druzi Bukovinian Skunk Dance … 90%

Senior Boys Sailor Dance … 97% … trophy for Adjudicator’s Choice Character Dance

Senior Volyn …92%

Senior Polissian Stool Dance … 96%

Senior Girls Cherkassy Dance … 90%

Junior Hopak … 95%

Senior Hopak … 97% … trophy for Highest Mark Hopak

Thank you to all the parents and families for their positive support, to our costume co-ordinators (Leslie Bezte, Veronica Slota & Bonnie Picklyk) for their efforts in preparing in the beautiful costumes & Yachminka Ukrainian Dance Club for putting on a successful festival!

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